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Some answers to frequently asked questions.

I am not an elite athlete. How do I fit into a camp about sports?

Sports Camp is for athletes of all levels. We have had campers try a sport for their first time at our camp. We strive to create a safe place for our campers to experience new activities and learn to play for the love of the game and the enjoyment of competition. The focus of Sports Camp is on the team and family. It is not just about the score, but rather doing your best no matter what that level of ability is, and having fun doing it.

What ages can come to Sports Camp?

Sports Camp is for boys and girls that have completed 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th grades.

How much does Sports Camp cost?

The price changes a little bit each year and the current price can be found here.

Is there any financial assistance available?

There is definitely some assistance available. The most important thing is to ask! We can’t help out if we don’t know there is need. There are a few options available to get assistance:

1. Pilgrim Park & the Outdoor Ministries (ODM)
2. Sports Camp
3. Your church should have some assistance program as well

Fill out and send in this form to get the process started. If you have any questions on this, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, Pilgrim Park and the ODM and even your church.

If I can only attend part of the week, can I still come?

Sadly, we really need a commitment for a full week. Our program is counting on you being there to participate the entire week with your Family group. We have had some folks that needed a late arrival or early pick-up and will do our best to work those things out with you. Just be aware that the early pick-up will probably be accompanied by some tears at leaving Sports Camp early.

What are the cabins and conditions like?

The cabins have bunk beds and mattresses for the Campers and Staff to sleep on. They are air-conditioned to help offset those hot summer days and nights. Cabins are designated as male or female and have a pair of staff members that sleep and live in the cabins all week.

The main meeting space and dining hall are both air-conditioned. The Pilgrim Park site staff manages and cleans the facilities throughout the year.

The bath-house has multiple private showers and recently installed an on-demand heating system to make sure that there is enough hot water available for all.

What is the food like? How are food allergies handled?

The food is served buffet style. It is prepared daily by an onsite cook dedicated to preparing meals throughout the year. There is a salad bar with fruit and sides at each meal. If there are specific dietary needs, please let Pilgrim Park know during registration. Pilgrim Park is great at taking precautions for anyone with food allergies and we work closely with them to make sure that campers are safe.

Can I request to be in a cabin with my friend?

At Sports Camp, we work hard to diversely group campers into the families. Our goal is to get you to branch out and make new friends. We can testify that some of our closest friends have come from the time we spent at Sports Camp. Meeting other campers from different suburbs and locations is one of the goals of camp.

Even if you are not in the same family as your best friend, you will find that there is a lot of time to hang out during the week. During big group games, meals, movies, the pool and plenty more activities, there is lots of time to connect with your old friends, while making new ones along the way.

Can I request to be in a specific family or with a certain Counselor?

Sorry, but we don’t accept any requests to be in a specific family or paired up to a specific Counselor or CIT. Sometimes the family group assignments work out that way, but we can’t guarantee any requests for a specific family or staff.

What is this “family” group I keep reading about?

We pair a boys’ cabin with a girls’ cabin and together they form what we call a Family. There are four staff members that are part of that family; a Counselor and CIT from each cabin. It is their job to make sure that everyone feels a part of that family. The first few days of camp are spent with the family getting to know each other and bonding all while getting to know the bigger camp as well. The second half of the week is spent in an Olympic-style competition where the families compete against each other in a wide variety of team and individual sports.

What are the colors?

Colors are used to identify each Family and helps them shape their identity for the week. The Family comes up with a name, a banner / flag, a motto and creed. The colors are a closely guarded secret each year and are revealed upon arrival at camp. The Staff doesn’t even know what they are until they arrive on site. Before the Campers arrive, the Staff gets to pick their family color. The selection order is usually decided by a friendly competition among the staff.

Can I bring my favorite electronic device?

No. We ask that you leave all that at home. Technology is something that is very ingrained in our daily lives, but is something that we want to unplug from at Sports Camp. We want the focus to be about being present and living in the moment with your family. Texting, posting, gaming, etc. all detract from a Camper’s ability to be focused about being at Sports Camp. Devices that are found, will be held until the Closing Ceremonies.

Can I bring some snacks to eat?

No. Snacks and any food items are not permitted in the cabins. Pilgrim Park is surrounded by forest which means that those snacks draw critters and bugs. We do not want to bring mice, raccoons or insects into the cabins. Trust us, they will sniff it out.

In our Daily Schedule, we have two snack times for the Campers. Mid-afternoon before the pool, and then in the evening typically before our movie or gathering times. There is no need to bring in food from the outside.

What if I have other questions?

Feel free to call or email us with any questions. Pilgrim Park is also ready to answer any questions you have. They also have a lot of information about the physical camp and the registration process on their website .

Where do I sign up?

Pilgrim Park handles all the registration for Sports Camp. Through their website, you can create an account and sign up online. Click the button below to get started!

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